This work draws on the tenets of progressive education in that it seeks to be democratic, socially empowering, inclusive, and transdisciplinary.  It seeks to inspire the co-creation of STEAM educational experiences which position students as change agents, who understand and employ the power of evidence-based reasoning to make informed decisions. 


Students learn how to access STEM knowledge, tools, and practices to assess their community's flood hazard risk and make ready for impending extreme weather.    Just as important, they work with ARTISTS to develop the creative competencies necessary to effectively communicate their understandings of their hazard risks and propose solutions for mitigating them. 


Through the power of both the sciences and the arts, students develop capacity to  become resources of hazard mitigation knowledge and practices for their entire community.



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Please cite as Koester, M. (2022). Kids teaching flood resilience.  Research Design, Teaching Practices, and STEAM Innovations.